In 2020, I started a challenge called “12 books in a year” and decided to share exciting insights and thoughts that I acquired from these books.
Why I am posting these:
1. To inspire and give insights by sharing the story and interesting points of the book
2. To jog my memory by summarizing the book /As some of the main ideas of these books were already faded away/
3. To reach my target by pushing myself /Frankly, the progress is not good enough 😅 /about 70% so far/
The first book will be “On the brink inside the race to stop the collapse of the global financial system”.

They plotted U.S county-level binned scatterplots using the share of friends living within 100 miles and a number of socioeconomic outcomes.

The conclusion: Counties where people have less concentrated social networks tend to have better socio-economic outcomes: on average, they have higher income, higher education, higher life expectancy and lower teenage birth rate. Even though the causality relationship has not been researched in detail, there is a clear correlation between a social network and socioeconomic outcomes.
What could be the reasons behind the phenomenon…

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